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About JMotionGuard:

This is a Java applicacion that uses JMF (Java Media Framework) API. Use your webcam to detect movement. When motion is detected snapshots can be saved as jpg's and an alarm can be played. You can use any webcam supported by JMF, you can even use a video capture card. Sensitivity can be changed so it requires more or less movement to trigger an event.


-First of all you need the Java Virtual Machine.

-Second you need the JMF. get it here

-Make sure you have your your 'Path' and 'CLASSPATH' set properly.

-Now that JMF is installed open the "JMF Registry". and select "Capture Devices" tab. Copy the "Name=" and "Locator=" text like shown in figure.

-If no video devices are shown click on the "Detect Capture Devices" and wait some minutes to let them load.

-Open JMotionGuard and paste the Name and Locator text.

-You are done.

Note: With the sound option use only .wav files.



-Save images with a more descriptive name.

-Validate delay ms inputs.

-Validate sound files.

-Configure button does not do anything.


Known Bugs:

-When you select a large path in the Actions Dialog close the window. Then open it again and it will be deformed.



Excecutable download

Source code with compiled classes: download



forum from wich i got the code to load the video and save the images

site from wich i got the code to get the pixel information from an image