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World Widget

A Widget that can be added to WidgetFX which is an open-source desktop widget platform.

With this app you can see how the world is feeling today (Happy, Sad, Neutral). You can send your status to contribute make the world feel better. Right now the app is hosted in a free hosting service so sometimes the connection is slow and when you start the widget you may see a message: "Unable to load widget". The stats are updated every 2 minutes or when you submit your status.

You can test the widget here launch

Feel free too add this widget to your site:

Here is a screenshot

If you want to start creating widgets here is a very good tutorial by Steve: Calendar Tutorial

Download (Compiled with javafx sdk 1.2, widgetfx sdk 1.2.1)

SourceCode: WorldWidget

To compile the sources you need to include in your classpath widgetfx-api.jar and JFXtras-0.5.jar wich you can get from here. They are included in WidgetFX SDK 1.2.1